Problems Logging into Momentum for the First Time?

If you have problems logging in for the first time, please ensure that your account has first been activated. When your profile was created an activation link was sent to the email address that was provided. Please verify the email address was entered correctly and/or check your spam folder for the email.

Can’t Find Your Address or Tax ID Number?

A location/property address and/or tax ID number is required for several applications. If you do not know your tax ID/account #, you can find it by visiting SDAT Real Property Search.

Submit additional information, revise plans, pay invoices

When you submit your online permit application in the Permit Portal, your application will be automatically issued a permit number. You will need this number to schedule inspections, add information, and revise plans. Permits under review can be found on the “Pending” tab of the Permit Portal dashboard.

If you are unable to reset the password, please contact the PGC front desk at (301) 883-6168. They will need the email you used to create your account.

How Do I Find the Status of My Application?

To find the status of your application, Login in to Momentum to view your Dashboard listing of applications. Locate your application and the Status and Current Milestone are shown in the Status box. Please see the example below where application Status is Issued and Current Milestone is Permit Issued.

What Is the Registration # Used For?

The Momentum registration number is used to track contacts in the system and to eliminate duplicate names (company/entity/ individual). One registration number can be used for multiple applications. There are two types of registrations-- Company and Individual, and only one are required per application. Federal EIN is required for Company registration and Driver License# or State Issued ID# must be submitted for Individual registration.

Can a registration be completed without a license application?

Registration is primarily completed during the application submission. However, registration can be completed without an application. Follow these steps to complete a Registration Form without applying: 1) Sign into Momentum 2) Click on Apply Here 3) Click on the main menu Others for drop-down options. 4) Click on Prince George's County Registration 5) Complete the form and submit.


How do I modify my application after I have submitted it?

You can edit your application only if it's in the Open or Out to Applicant status. To edit your application, log into Momentum to view your Dashboard. Click on the application record link APPXXXX-2021-XXXX and then locate the Edit icon as pictured below. Click on the Edit link to change entries as needed and save the application.

Can I delete an uploaded document on my application?

No, uploaded documents/attachments cannot be deleted once uploaded into the system. You will need to contact the relevant licensing Department to request modifications.

User Manuals and Tutorials

MANUALS — Step-by-Step Instructions with Visuals
VIDEOS — Step-by-Step Visual Instructions on How to Complete Your Registration

Walk step-by-step with L.I.S.A., DPIE’s Live Interactive Support Associate, as she shows you the Momentum registration process in these how-to videos.